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… you mean you don’t know?

The AV Technician is a subspecies group of the Technician family (Homo Technicalis), locally known as Morlocks.
The family comprises several distinct groups such as:
Soundguys (Homo Technicalis Sonitus)
Lampies (Homo Technicalis Lumens)
Videoguys (Homo Technicalis Inanis)
and many more.
As new technology becomes available, Homo Technicalis can be seen to evaluate its likely uses and either integrate its use into one of the existing groups, are rapidly develop a new, and distinct grouping.
Cross breeding is common among the groups, but is not guaranteed to produce healthy offspring, and breeding from within the same groups has a noticeable chance of producing offspring which qualifies as one of the other distantly related subspecies such as IT Technicians (Homo Technicalis Linux) or the parent species of Geeks (Homo Propelocaput Rex).

Morlock offspring is known as a ‘Gremlin’ and a group of Technicians is referred to as a ‘Bodge’.