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So I’m back now in good old StalyVegas having outrun a particularly viscous hangover. I have however, unwittingly run straight into the path of Jet Lag, nemesis of the traveller, ruler of the early morning/evening!

I have decided the battle called for drastic measures and have therefore opted to go with a sausage, bacon, egg and mushroom Barmcake from Bunter’s round the corner and a brew. Sure enough, Jet Lag is slinking off into the shadows and the eyelids are getting heavy…


If anything, Dubai has taught me how much I actually love living where I do. Even if it is a bit of a shithole…

Guess what?
That’s right… little ol’ me is sat in the Abraaj VIP lounge, wearing denim shorts (not the short gay ones…), a Spiderman t-shirt and bright (read dirty) green Puma trainers.
As of right now, the only thing that’s happening is that I’m getting the odd funny look from expensively dressed drones.

Someone has just asked me if I’m with the press, and upon hearing the British accent if I’m from London. No on both counts Mr. Man!

It appears that expensively dressed types aren’t very sure what a Mancunian AV Technician is, other than a bit of an eye-sore.

Tough luck Expensively Dressed Types… I got a pass with my name on that says I can be here!


And so now I get to have a breather!

Jananne Al-Ani‘s piece, ‘Shadow Sites II’ is finally installed, focused, caressed and generally tended too at Art Dubai 2011! Yippee!

And it looks fucking great too!

image courtesy of Thomas Brown + (blog)